Yesterday afternoon at Harvard. 5pm Entertainment Law. Special guest speaker is Bert Fields. Half an hour later, his most famous client walks into the classroom.

Hello Tom Cruise.

He explained briefly that he’d never had the opportunity to hear his attorney speak before. Then he took a seat at the back and played student during the lecture. Except of course when Fields would solicit his opinion, giving the GMD the chance to posit on subjects such as tabloid magazines and pap photos and Stanley Kubrick and also the major motion picture rating system.

It’s doubtful that anyone bothered to ask if Fields has ever represented a hidden homo client faced with exposure. Oh well.

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for the complete account and more photos of Tom’s day at Harvard including his anecdotes about how Little Sci deals with the paps.

To his credit though, and this is why Tom Cruise is a star, in sharp contrast to that whiny bitch Ryan Reynolds who could not be bothered to participate in a Q&A at a film festival because his time is too valuable. Click here for a refresher.

Tom Cruise however, after the class, stayed quite a while to speak with students, spending more time with them than most professors, exchanging stories, laughing, high fiving, and, um…

He even busted a move.

Not sure if he busted out the Motorcycle but just in case you forgot…