Dr Cher, a long time reader, suggested the theory: Katie’s new style, Tom’s relentless hetero virility message, and Little Sci captivating everyone with her cuteness… is the GMD attempting his own version of Camelot?

As summer draws to a close, campaign season is just around the corner. Come September, all contenders for Oscar will begin the assault. This year, Tom Cruise wants it bad. The film is Lions for Lambs. The release date is November 9th. Which means we will be flooded with Cruise overload very, very soon. Which is also why the Cruise love marketing machine has been particularly busy of late.

Here we go – the happy family in Berlin. There’s Katie walking around the city during Little Sci’s nap time and then all three at the zoo. Note the GMD’s Xenu grip around Katie’s neck and his trademark crazy toothed smile during what appears to be an “intimate” moment between husband and wife.

And of course, let’s never ever pass up an opportunity to “present” Katie. Check out the two out of dinner and of course the requisite Presentation Ceremony – like visiting dignitaries, regal and elegant and full of tradition and procedure, another Camelot designed to charm the MiniVan Majority?

Whatever it is, apparently it’s working. As memories of Oprah’s couch grow more and more distant, as people forget about his despicable attack on psychiatry, word is the Gay Midget Dwarf is rebuilding his fan base from Katie’s admirers.

Like Hollywood Ebola, he’ll never die either.