Oh here’s fun game!

Whose career is more in crisis: Tom Cruise, member of a cult who frighteningly may have wanted to turn his daughter into a freak, or Kristen Stewart who let a married man rub himself all over her in her car?

It’s tricky.

And in the city it's a pity cos we just can't hide
Tinted windows don't mean nothin', they know who's inside

Here’s Tom in London today doing a pretty good imitation of his Junior Mint Taylor Lautner now that he’s lost a little weight after Katie Holmes dumped him. As you can see, single Tom is not only slimmer (the jeans fit better now, right?), he’s also wearing a milder wedge heel. Back in the Katie Homes days, it was like he had a trampoline attached to his trainers. Click here for a refresher. See the difference in the denim?

Tom is apparently overseas to scout locations. Am curious if he rang up the Beckhams to ask if they’d mind a photo opportunity to prove that they haven’t broken up. Wouldn’t it be great if somehow he found himself on one of the Olympic Opening Ceremony floats? It’s the closest he’d come to Pride I think.

Now that it’s in my head, I’m putting it in yours. Kick it to a classic old school jam on a Summer Wednesday.