Extremely Rich Person Tom Cruise is holding up the production of Mission: Impossible – More? Punctuation! with his demands to be paid even more money than usual for his eleventeenth time portraying International Spy and Marathon Enthusiast Ethan Hunt. The movie has already been pushed back once, allegedly due to scripting problems. It is really hard to keep coming up with reasons for Ethan Hunt to continue to work for a spy agency that regularly tries to have him killed. This second delay is nothing to worry about and no one should wonder whether or not accelerated production schedules—Paramount was targeting a late 2017 release—is a big part of why blockbusters keep failing.

The current delay is threatening the scheduled January 2017 start date of Mission: Impossible…7?? Cruise is said to be pushing Paramount for more money, particularly back end percentage points, after Universal allegedly gave him the golden death mask of King Tut himself to star in their Mummy reboot. It is rumored that Cruise is now asking Paramount to buy him the Hope Diamond to prove that they love him the most. He is basically that child of divorce who plays his parents against one another for more birthday presents.