Tom Cruise spoke at Ben Stiller’s hand and footprint ceremony today at the Chinese theatre. Ben Stiller created Les Grossman. And…weren’t they supposed to be in the Hardy Boys together? Cruise looks good. And his face looks TIGHT. Tight but still natural. Cold gel laser? Botox is not the only way people. I can’t listen to people talk about how half their faces were paralysed anymore. True story. Happened to a friend of mine.

As you can see, Tom’s face is not paralysed. Because he was able to make it crazy today, just for kicks.

This is Tom’s first official outing (unless you count that huge Scientology gathering – click here for a refresher) since all that deposition information leaked from his lawsuit against Bauer Media and IN TOUCH and LIFE&STYLE magazines during which they accused him of being too into Xenu to be a good father to Suri. He’s there, of course, with the blessing and perhaps even at the request of Stiller… who obviously still wants to be his friend, even though people freely say so much sh-t about him these days. So, it would seem he does have influential connections on his side. And he’s happy to do favours for them. But will they do favours for him?

These pictures inspired me to go looking for the “Tom Cruise’s stunt double” sketch from back when the Movie Awards were watchable. You know, he had really good hair back then, remember?