Tom Cruise was also in Milan to honour Giorgio Armani. He will be attending the fashion show and cocktail tonight for Mr Armani’s 40th anniversary too. As a super super VIP. I mean, everyone’s a VIP. But, as you can see, Roberta Armani’s the one escorting him. People in Europe don’t give a sh-t about Going Clear. Tom Cruise will always be welcome in Europe, no matter what. In Europe, fame is immortal. According to Page Six he was the one everyone wanted pictures with at the dinner on Wednesday.

Other major names expected tonight include Sophia Loren, Cate Blanchett, and Leonardo DiCaprio…who never misses a party, any party. Didn’t see George Clooney listed though. And Clooney and Mr Armani are pretty tight too. Clooney wore Armani at his wedding but is working on Money Monster in New York, directed by Jodie Foster, another old favourite of the designer. Jodie Foster + Armani = Oscar.