The GMD was in Paris to promote Lions for Lambs and apparently needs a refill of Xenu Juice because someone’s gay wants to come out to play.

It happens to the best of them, you know? When they’re too far from the mothership, in desperate need of an audit, far from the church members who keep them in line, their defences begin to slip – see John Travolta’s male masseur c*ckstands in Toronto when he allegedly terrorised an upscale health club with his ill timed advances towards only male service providers.

Poor John was quickly yanked back home by his wife, said to be higher ranking than he is, for a quick reprogramming session.

Looks like the GMD is in need of the same. His pinky finger’s personality is about to reveal itself, and I can detect a slight twist in his hips – itching to do a three quarter turn on a runway.

Xenu to the rescue – wash that gay away!!!