Tom Cruise has been in Prague the last few days scouting locations for MI4. Katie and Little Sci have joined him, and they were all three out on the town last night, getting in some holiday family time while Tom works. He appears to be growing out his hair for Ethan Hunt. Looks good. 

Little Sci’s hair has gotten very, very long. I was never allowed to have hair past my shoulders at her age. Not until, oh, probably 10 years old. If that. For me it was closer to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, mostly because my parents were too lazy to have to groom it, but also because some Chinese people think long hair gets in kids’ faces and cause accidents or bad eyesight. I’m telling you. Of course my ma was both. And she thought that if all my nutrition went to my hair, I wouldn’t be tall enough. Shut UP Duana. 

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