The GMD continues to shoot Wichita in Boston, seems happier than he’s been in a long time, finally back on a film set and his every move captured by the paps. It’s Gay Midget Heaven. And he’s as entertaining as ever.

Yesterday it was the puffy coat. Look at him in a puffy coat! Like a toddler in the winter, waddling in the snow. Reminds me of my nephews when we go sledding. These big jackets, they overwhelm children. They overwhelm Tom Cruise.

But stunts and action don’t overwhelm Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is all about the manly man performing his own stunts, jumping on top of a car, hair whipping in the wind, no need for a double. He’s thriving, non?

And when the GMD is happy, everyone else is happy. Even Robo. Check out Katie Holmes grinning almost authentically while visiting her husband at work and signs of affection for the cameras too. By the way – it’s not pictured but yes, indeed, Little Sci was on her feet again Thursday. Are we ready to conclude that she doesn’t have a walking problem?

Photos from and PPNY/GSNY/