Tom Cruise is trying to make orange his colour in Georgia on the set of Mena today. I’m not sure if he’s also trying, unsuccessfully, to make himself Jon Hamm in the pants. Probably just a handkerchief.

In other Tom news, remember what I said about how he endears himself to the crew? To the production? The cantankerous Alec Baldwin, who’s in the upcoming Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, claims to have quite enjoyed the Tom Cruise experience, telling The Hollywood Reporter that:

"I looked at Tom and what he puts himself through to make his movies. He just said 'I got to give them their money's worth’. I thought, what a great attitude to have."

This is what I mean. He’s not Johnny Depp. But how do you reconcile this guy with the Scientology one?

According to Page Six, they’re doing a big splashy premiere for Rogue Nation at the Opera House in Vienna because that’s where they shot one of the major stunts in the movie. Good move. Foreign box office.