Tom Cruise continues to work on the Jack Reacher sequel in New Orleans. As you can see, TomJack is banged up. And the Leah Remini interview on 20/20 hasn't even aired yet.

Is that what you're doing tonight too? That was one of the items on my To-Do list last night. Set the PVR for Leah so that when I get home from dodgeball tonight (I'm in a league, ok? I suck but our team is undefeated, with basically no contributions from me).

How hard will Leah go after Tom? And if you're the interviewer, you push on the Tom and Katie Holmes angle, right? You find a way into the wife audition angle, right? Does he? Does he audition his wives and girlfriends? What happened to Nicole? Was Leah asked to turn against Nicole? How was Nicole bullied? To tell you the truth, I'm not interested in a straight up Scientology takedown. We already know it's f-cked up over there. Give us the gossip to go along with it.

Oh! Update! Apparently we're hearing from Katie Holmes on this! She's going to be responding to Leah's allegations? Don't go out tonight until you watch this. The party doesn't start until 11pm anyway.