Did you ever see that Scientology promotional video where he sits there in a black turtleneck and pretty much goes crazy? I’ve attached it as the second video below. If you haven’t already, you need to watch it. It’s f-cked up, but really, really hilarious. Especially the Mission: Impossible soundtrack that plays throughout, like it’s the Church’s official theme song. That and Danger Zone from Top Gun. And  You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling. Oh right, and Old Time Rock and Roll.

Which he still freakstyles to at those raging parties Scientologists are famous for.

There’s a video circulating today of Tom getting down at his birthday party at a Sci retreat from a few years ago, dropping into the splits like it’s 1983. He really can’t move on, can he? I actually don’t want him to. Not when he keeps providing these moments of amazingness.

Yesterday when Tom was sucking it in and sticking it out in his tight shirt, I wrote:

“God, Dad, can you just put on a sweater?”

This is what Tom Cruise is to me now - the dad who keeps embarrassing his kids with his “hip-ness”. Look at him at the Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol premiere in Tokyo yesterday. Tom Cruise became a middle-aged DORK. Next to my Mimi, it’s my favourite thing in life right now.  

And, because it’s such a happy time of year, let me add to your holiday spirit by attaching, yet again, that wonderful video of Tom and the motorcycle.