Tom Cruise is really, really good at going super stealth undercover. Not unlike Johnny Depp. And the Brange. When he doesn’t want to be found, he will not be found. I wonder why his wife takes a different approach. There are several possible answers, of course, but I haven’t decided which one I like best.

Anyway, it’s been a while since Tom has allowed photos. Which is probably why several of last week’s tabloids starting blaring headlines about their imminent split again. So why not a few pictures to throw them off on Easter weekend? Here they are, Tom, Katie, Little Sci, Connor Cruise, and several members of their families (I’ve not included those shots but her parents were there too) out in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where Tom has been shooting a new movie. He looks really, really good, right? Like younger than ever.

Click here if you missed Sarah’s article earlier in the day about Nicole Kidman playing Grace Kelly saving Monaco in 1962. Prince Rainier was 39 at the time. And looked about 49 (click here to see a photo) which happens to be how old Tom Cruise is right now.


Just... work with me here. Imagine it. Imagine how this would make our lives better.


I mean it would NEVER happen. But I really really wish it could. I really really wish Tom Cruise could play Prince Rainier to Nicole Kidman’s Grace. In this case though, even the Gossip Genie couldn’t make this real.  

By the way, have you ever seen a Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman wedding photo? I just realised... I don’t think I ever have. If you can believe it, I don’t think they released it.