An item that was relatively buried…probably because no one ever wants to suggest anything less than sparkle dazzling positive about the Mighty Opes. Because the benevolent magnanimous Oprah Winfrey can do no wrong…right?


Oprah is insufferable. The GMD is insufferable. No wonder they’re so tight.

Not a dilemma for me…but for you, if you love the Opes but are also chilled by the Tom Crazy, how do you reconcile their tightness? Particularly his affiliation with an organisation that has so viciously attacked that which she claims to support: therapy and treatment for mental health patients, properly recognised addiction programs, psychiatric support for post partum disorders…?

Oprah herself has said she’s suffered from depression.

Did she just pop some extra vitamins and go for a jog? Was that the magic cure?

No doubt these two are as thick as thieves. And they hooked up last Friday in Chicago for the Tina Turner concert, ensconced in a private box suite grooving and bopping and probably getting carried away together by Ms Turner’s infectious beats.

Oh gay!

The GMD flew back to New York immediately afterwards but they say he and the Opes get together more often that we know.

If you cracked open Xenu’s books, would you find in there a donation from the Mighty Opey?

Just asking…

Thanks Makeba!