They make a point of supporting each other on almost every occasion, but it was a Tom-less Will Smith last night at the LA premiere of Hancock. To make up for the Tom’s absence, Will took over his persona – hootin’ and hollerin’ like a man possessed, every action, every smile, every turn of the head was a little bit extra. Tom was there in spirit.

Here are Will and Jada with their children – you’ll recall, I reported long ago that Jada’s been homeschooling her kids using Scientology principles which was apparently how Scientology inclusion in the New Village Academy was conceived. 

Rumour has it, Tom Cruise was actually supposed to be there last night for his BFF but given the controversy of late over Xenu’s involvement in the school, it was supposedly decided that it would be best for him to lay low. 

Tom is dragging Will down. 

Up to this point, Will has rarely made a mistake. In Hollywood, he’s been riding a long, long winning streak. But critics have been tearing Hancock to pieces. In all likelihood he will still own this Fourth of July…though on the off chance, if he doesn’t, perhaps it’ll give him cause to rethink his closeness to that little man who’s been hanging off his jock. Perhaps. 

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