For Tom Cruise, if marriage was a strategic move, and you know my thoughts on that, then in hindsight I’m sure we can all agree – a tactical error.

Because Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes make each other assy. She looks assy when she’s with him, he looks assy when he’s with her.

Alone though, when he’s on his own, and not holding her in a death grip with his short arms wrapped around her waist, when he’s flying solo with no Goose of a wife, Tom is much more appealing.

Here he is in various shots around New York the last few days – a glimpse into Top Gun past. Wind whipping his hair, accessorised by the ground crew on the helipad, even out and about with Little Sci – this iteration of Tom is a huge improvement on Tom Cruise the husband. Even his high heels don’t seem as vertically ambitious, non? 

Going back to the discussion of PR maneuvers then, imagine if after Granny Freeze and Penelope Cruz Tom Cruise chose to remain single. Imagine the annals of gossip without Oprah’s couch, without the kissy face on the carpet, without the sh*t eating grin at his Roman wedding, imagine Tom Cruise the bachelor…it would have been much less smutty but also a lot less damaging. 

Ironically enough, as far as fraud is concerned, it also would have been much more believable.

PS. Am attaching photo of Little Sci attacking her snack with enthusiasm. Love.

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