Tom Cruise was out last night in London having dinner with director Paul Greengrass. Perhaps a future project? Let’s focus on the present project first. Edge Of Tomorrow opens next week in the UK and the following week in North America. It’s a crowded summer, as always, and, well, the question for Tom is whether or not he still belongs there. They’ll be depending hard on the foreign box office for this one.

It’s expected that Tom will be beginning the Edge Of Tomorrow press tour very soon. As Just Jared pointed out last night, it was 9 years ago during another press tour that Tom jumped on Oprah’s couch for Katie Holmes and shat all over his career. (New photos of Katie Holmes in New York are attached below too.)

Almost a decade later he looks weird in his jeans and is single again, having spent nearly two years without a (public) girlfriend. Two years. Wise, I think. Wise too to be so out of the spotlight for a while. Even Tom Cruise can disappear, see? He has disappeared himself for months. And for the next couple of weeks he’ll be right back up in your face for his movie. Have you stopped caring? Look at the blonde who’s grinning at him. He can still keep some people entertained. But is it enough?