He must be so happy right now, the GMD. Every day the paps are in Boston shooting him shooting a new movie. And a romantic comedy too. With stunts! And his wife and kid on set with him nearly every day. So he gets to play Uber Man all the time.

This is the Gay Midget Dwarf equivalent of a pig in sh-t.

So here he is, Tom Cruise, working on Wichita, performing his own stunts, as he has throughout most of his career, with a dog in the car (?), and an extra overacting face to go along with it. Like when Tom Cruise is happy in a movie, there’s no one who’s ever been happier in a movie…ever. Same goes for sad, mad, excited, and flying a plane, which isn’t necessarily an emotion, but in the GMD’s capable hands, it ends up becoming one.

Photos from PPNY/GSNY/Splashnewsonline.com