All hail the Xenu! After much lobbying over the last few days, and much objection to the GMD’s pin straight hair, perm shots have surfaced showing the GMD with sweet waves!

Check it out – first look at Tom in Valkryie, the film besieged with problems during shooting in Germany this past summer.

It’s not exactly hip, but it IS a slight improvement, non? And much respect to the on set make-up artist for his/her wonderful work. It’s like Top Gun all over again! 20 years gone…just like that!

Click here to view a featurette on the making of Valkyrie expected in theatres next summer…which is a rather braggadocious move. In the thick of blockbuster season, as the Dark Knight looms, is an historic war flick really going to run the box office?

Mr Gay Midget Studio Head has a lot of self confidence. Katie Holmes better deliver…