It’s like a menstrual cycle the way he operates. Very predictable.

As mentioned yesterday, it’s been weeks since Tom’s been sighted. But previews for All My Sons begin today, so of course, of course he picked up Katie after final rehearsal yesterday. With great fanfare.

Glum and gloomy every time the paps shoot her solo, suddenly KatE lights up when her little man rounds the corner. We get it, girl. You love him. He’s amazing. You’re so happy. You feel blessed. They’re the only four sentences in her personal script.

So here they are, embracing enthusiastically, making sure you know they’re still in love, making sure she’s “presented” properly, with the appropriate amount of arm distance so as to better show off her accessories.


Look at the angle of her wrist. What normal person walks around being led like that without deliberation?

He’ll be in the front row tonight, clapping with his big teeth, hootin’ and hollerin’ up and down the aisles, cleaning New York out of roses, filling her dressing room with flowers and whipping the rest of them at her on stage every time she delivers a line.

If you’re there, if you go, I want the blow by blow. Every detail!

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