White dress, skinny jeans, this was the Cruise attire last night on the red carpet in Spain for the premiere of Knight & Day. Am trying very hard to say good things, want very badly for Knight & Day to be a success. But it’s really hard when there’s not much to work with. Cameron Diaz’s amazing legs only go so far. And when Katie Holmes chooses an unflattering dress that cuts her off in the wrong places, well, I am not unforgiving to begin with and this is just too tempting. Especially since they’ve decided to revive The Presentation!

It’s their classic move. It’s their Bolero.

First debuted at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2007, he “presents” her like it’s the Cotillion, like we asked them to dance/pose for us. And this amazingness is the result. I love it so f-cking much. Just too bad she couldn’t summon more life in her eyes. Do they look particularly dead to you on this occasion?

Photos from Wenn.com and Carlos Alvarez/Gettyimages.com