It makes my life: seeing Tom Cruise “present” his Robo. And it’s even more welcome since it’s been so long - months maybe since we’ve seen the Presentation: he holding her hand ceremoniously, a princess introducing his well-trained princess to a hungry public, this time in matching black and shades. 

On Saturday night, Tom Cruise dragged Katie Holmes out for a night on the town to see a show. Amazingly enough Little Sci stayed home. Probably because ma and pa wanted to play up to romantic side instead.

The timing too is curious. Because one of the bottom feeding rags – In Touch or Life & Style or Star – has on its newest cover a story about their separate lives. 


KatE cannot escape. 

As such, there are no separate lives. There is only one Xenu that rules above all else.

But not even Xenu can sell Katie on Broadway. Ticket sales for All My Sons are sluggish at best – this after moving venues to accommodate bigger audiences. 

Mario Lopez > Katie Holmes? 


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