Why can’t they just hold hands? Just once? 

Tom Cruise took his Robo out for dinner last night and as you can see, as usual, he had to present her to the paps, guiding her like a delicate lady child to and from the restaurant.

You will note they coordinated fabrics before heading out. Gray and shiny and that jacket is too long on him. Totally lame sh-ts. Like John Gotti styles…WTF? You’d think Will Smith could give him a pointer or two, non? 

By the way – Katie Holmes is not yet 30. 

Have you seen her “sultry” shots from Eli Stone? Click here. Apparently it sings.

PS. Victoria and David Beckham were in New York on Friday and a few of you have asked if they bothered to support Katie at All My Sons. The “official” opening night is October 16th – the best time to make a splash. If she chooses to show, Posh wouldn’t think of doing it til then. Why waste a perfectly good dress for just a regular night in the audience, even if it is to cheer on a friend? 

Posh > Friends…don’t you know? 

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