Tom Cruise has been shooting a WWII biopic in Germany for months and production has been plagued with setback after setback. First the Germans couldn’t stand his fraud ass, then there were difficulties securing permits to film at historic locations, and now it turns out several night scenes will have to re-shot as the reels were apparently damaged beyond repair after being treated with the wrong chemicals.

Clearly, the Gay Midget Dwarf does not believe in signs.

And still he soldiers on. Of course he soldiers on. After years of closet dwelling, the GMD is the master at battling through adversity. Even more so now that he has such an effective general in the form of his wife – here they are, the Cruises, showing a brave face out for dinner on Saturday night in Berlin.

Per usual…yes… he is presenting her. You will note however that he’s a lot less relaxed than he’s appeared to be of late. Jaw in clenched, the eyes look angry - this my friends is a horny grumpy man. 

Bet your boob job he misses his cabana boy waiting at home for him in LA....poor Tom.