The most chiselled movie star in the world lit up the carpet last night in Mexico City, still promoting Valkyrie. As you can see, after his visit with the most renowned plastic surgeon in the world, totally just coincidence, Tom Cruise looks more cut, more crisp, and more handsome than ever. Younger and younger every day. He really should just get back together with Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman, non? I’ve attached some close-ups. The work is excellent.

And more Katie Holmes for Miu Miu ads have just been released. Said it before, will say again – they are WAY superior to Posh’s mediocre Armani underwear images. Love the tone, love the styling, love her hair, LOVE that red leather bag - that bag is hurting me - and I need new glasses.

So the Cruises have been away for what seems like ages. Are they ever coming home? Are they coming home for the Oscars? He presented last year but arrived alone and skipped the carpet. Wonder if Katie’s getting her first taste of the Kodak this year…


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