You hear? It’s KatE Holmes. Not KatIE. And the GMD is making that very clear.

He sat down with Entertainment Tonight’s Jann Carl in Paris last week for an interview airing tomorrow to promote his new film Lions for Lambs. Of course in order to do so, Tom started talking about his wife and his Little Sci, all while referring to Katie as KatE:

"I feel lucky. I have a lot of respect for her as an artist, as a woman. She"s a very strong, gracious woman. She"s very funny, a great comedian."

Why does he talk about her like she’s his grandmother?

As for his family life:

“(Marriage and parenthood is) all very good, all very lovely…just like everybody else, you just work it out. You make it work. We"ve gotten pretty good at organizing everything. I don"t sleep much anyway."

And about Paris, Tom said that it “has great significance to me in this time period of my life. It"s the city where I proposed to Kate."

Of course since then, he has paraded and presented her around incessantly – am attaching a few of my favourites from Summer 2007 in Spain: Tom and KatE leaving a restaurant. Seriously…has Xenu outlawed holding hands? What"s wrong with simply holding hands?

Never mind.

Praise Xenu! Love Xenu! Don"t question the Xenu!