Tom Cruise’s tour of contrition continues. And … it’s working. Because while Valkyrie will likely still suck sh-t at the box office, Hollywood players have been very impressed with his efforts on this promotional tour, resurrecting the Tom Cruise of the 90s, willing the MiniVan to remember him in his glory. They are remembering. 

Word is, Tom’s schedule is filling up quickly for meetings in the new year to go over new projects. And while you may not believe in his future, you unfortunately are not the majority. Wild Hogs somehow made over $250 million worldwide. Just saying. 

Anyway, Tom stopped by The Today Show for a rematch with Matt Lauer this morning. His interview came later but right off the top of the show, that crazy queen was wandering around the set like he smelled a pool boy ripe for action. Was it supposed to be funny? It wasn’t funny. It was awkward. Because HE, unscripted, is awkward.

The interview however…well, because he was well prepared, the interview went well. Tom Cruise was gracious and humble but firm. He acknowledged that he appeared “arrogant” the last time he and Matt faced off over Scientology and Brooke Shields. He conceded that he could have communicated more effectively, he says he understands why people were so freaked out. But he also stood his ground. He maintains that he still believes in the key message – Scientology is right about everything and people who believe in psychiatry are wrong and irresponsible. 

Already some of you have forgotten, haven’t you? Behind that smile lurks the Xenu and the chills, chills, chills.

Tom Cruise on Today Show with Matt Lauer


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