Doesn’t he look it? Stealthy Tom Cruise was photographed yesterday in Long Beach on the set of Knight & Day. It’s been weeks, maybe longer, since we last saw him. Always the wife, always the Little Sci, but very infrequently the GMD. He has many secret missions. And he has the resources and the inclination to keep his movements undercover.

Knight & Day however is a major studio release. Which means that soon enough the Midge and Cammie D will be all up in our faces selling, selling, selling. For now though, he needs to make sure that the film is on track. Which is why he’s running the show and the crew. Even though he’s not the director. But Tom Cruise is so man he’s the director even when he’s not the director, seen?

He does look awfully good though, non? Some are suggesting that maybe he was keeping it on the low because he’s had some work done. I believe it. You?

Photos from Giovanni/