Tom Cruise was in Beijing yesterday promoting Oblivion. As you now know, the Chinese movie market is a big deal now. Not only for the money they make but also for, um, the money they steal. Iron Man 3 was released in China a day before North America. They say it was a smart decision so as to reduce the piracy situation. And indeed, Iron Man 3 set box office records over there. I don’t know how they do it so fast. But I’m telling you, within hours, that sh-t is all over their computers. And then it’s all over their television through illegal satellite boxes.

Anyway, as you know, Tom’s go-to movie move is to run fast, with intensity. What better location to run fast with intensity than the Great Wall of China? Has he run fast with intensity at the Great Wall of China before in a movie? If not, why not? This scene needs to be written.