Remember when Katie Holmes totally outplayed Tom Cruise and escaped in the middle of the night with a new cell phone and a Hollywood publicity machine that cornered him into giving her a free escape pass and pretty much whatever she wanted?

Tom was interviewed by German television recently while promoting Oblivion and, supposedly, when asked about the situation, finally confirmed that:

“I didn’t expect it.”

So Katie Holmes really is a ninja.

According to PEOPLE, Tom also explained that her blindsiding right around when he turned 50 gave him perspective:

"I had an unbelievable amount of time to think about it," Cruise says, and found "life is a challenge. To be 50 and to have experiences and to think, you have a grip on everything, and then it hits you: This is it, what life can do to you.”

His current philosophy is that:

“Life is a tragicomedy. You need to have a sense of humour.”

Tragicomedy? How very James Franco.

Unfortunately, when it comes to these situations, and especially in translation, Euro outlets can be unreliable. Already Gossip Cop is saying that Tom’s rep is saying that his comments were taken out of context. As if that would change your mind, right?

Here’s Tom making dumplings and buns in Taiwan the other day.