This isn’t Photo Assumption. This is straight up Photo ForSureness. And, as his wife would say, totally making my life. 

It’s Tom Cruise in Prague, apparently scouting locations for Mission Impossible IV. Or something. Whatever it is he looks very important and big bossy. He’s the decision maker. He’s the main dude. He’s the eye, he’s the brain, he’s the one with his arms folded across his hulking chest who thinks harder and faster and better than everyone else. Even when he’s randomly high kicking over a rope in the middle of the street, it’s only because he’s larger dicked than the others and needs room to flair. 

But I guess you can’t blame him. 

Tom Cruise needs this badly. MI4 has to be a win. And so he’s going balls out, which is really the one speed he knows, and maybe that’s the problem when it comes to Tom. There are no more surprises. Well, except for the big surprise that’s never coming out anyway.

Think of it this way – now that Robert Downey Jr can act and be the multi-dimensional action guy, and, no jinx, no jinx, no jinx, stay sober, where does that leave Tom Cruise? 

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