Tom Cruise was photographed out for lunch this weekend in Malibu with Ron Meyer, head of Universal Studios which is distributing the upcoming Jack Reacher. Universal is obviously protecting its investment. Universal therefore is supporting Tom Cruise. Money, always money. Until he doesn’t make money which... is what they’re all worried about.

For now though, it’s a united front. Tom Cruise, he’s our man! If he can’t do it...!

Well, can he afford not to do it?

Katie Holmes certainly balled her way to new career heights from the divorce. In the process, amid all the Scientology suspicion, Tom definitely took a hit. But was it a mortal blow? He settled quickly, saw his daughter for a few photo opportunities, and seems to be focusing on work, as always, keeping his head down and hoping it will pass over the next few months, relying on his fame history to override a short pop culture memory...until he hires a new girlfriend. But can he resist?