First shots of Tom Cruise in New York with daughter Suri, formerly Little Sci. He’s not seen her since Katie Holmes told him via her lawyer that she didn’t want to be married anymore. Supposedly, according to their divorce agreement, Tom is not to teach Suri the ways of Xenu. How do they monitor this? Can they monitor this? I imagine that’s what the Nanny Clause was for, in addition of course to having an anchor person consistently grounding the child as she learns about her new life spent in two separate homes.

Tom’s mother is apparently also with him on this trip. And his sister too. Both, obviously, are Scientology members. And both would also have to abide by the rule that Scientology and Suri are not to be friends. Again, I wonder about how you enforce those demands. I also wonder if he’ll send Suri home to Katie with a bug in her backpack to eavesdrop on Katie’s situation. This, after all, is a man who bought his own sonogram machine to look at the baby when she was pregnant. You don’t think he might have a few listening devices lying around?