The GMD is in Austria shooting Knight & Day with Cameron Diaz. He showed his big grin off for some fans yesterday but they were unable to find an apple box for him to stand on so he had to puff his chest out extra manly.

While Tom worked in Europe, Katie Holmes stayed back for her own project The Romantics and spent the weekend with the girls Isabella and Little Sci. They went shopping, they went to see a show or two, and they went for New York brunch at Balthazar. I like the faces Katie’s making to Small Sci across the table.

But this is not what you want to talk about.

You want to talk about how it’s November in NYC and Little Sci is wearing a summer dress with no sleeves. I don’t know about kids but they seem warm to me most of the time. Maybe Little Sci just doesn’t like fussing with coats. Oh right, this means Katie is a coddling, pushover of a mother who lets the child rule the home. Judge her then. Judge her good.

Photos from and Doug Meszler/