Remember for a while there Katie Holmes tried to convince us she was a dancer? And she trained for hours upon hours over a span of weeks and weeks and then she “performed” on So You Think You Can Dance and we were like… that’s it? 

Well, Tom is singing and dancing now too! Tom Cruise has been hard at work in Florida preparing for Rock of Ages. He’ll play Stacee Jaxx. And he’s so committed to the role that he apparently arrived at the first table read in full character and costume according to Mary J Blige who also told Access Hollywood that: 

"I love him for that. We should have all done that. He's just one of the most amazing people I've met in my life. (And) Tom Cruise can really, really sing." 


I am all over this. I cannot wait to see it, hear it. I need a preview now. And I don’t, as a rule, generally like musicals. But if this is a taste of things to come…

It’s too much. I am too impatient. 

Check out Tom leaving rehearsal the other day in a jaunty little feathered trilby, his hair all long and wet from the exertion, and, um, his sweat pants pulled up to his chest…to make his legs seem longer? Maybe it was a style tip he picked up from his wife who has been known to go Gumby now and again and call it “high fashion”. Click here if you don’t remember.

Speaking of the Katie Holmes style sensibility, she was in New York last night to present at the Drama Desk Awards wearing something I can only presume is her own design because… well…look at it. I don’t mind the sleeves on the blouse, but everything else is a $3,000 headache. That much? Yes. She’s peddling her sh-t at those prices. How giant is the WTF bubble coming out of your mouth right now? 

Here’s Katie this morning on her way out of New York dressed in clothing she didn’t make herself and, not surprisingly, looking way cuter. 

Also, just for fun, let’s revisit Katie’s dancing. Because it’s never a bad time to remember this:


And on So You Think You Can Dance – start at 1:45 if you want to skip the interview:


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