Last week photographers caught Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in what was presumed to be a scrap. He kept her waiting, they exchanged words, and he had a hissy fit and stormed ahead of her. Click here for a refresher.

I posited however that it may not have been an argument at all. Because on the day in question, Tom forgot to wear his high heel wedges. Which could be why he wanted to walk in front. To appear taller. 

You’ll note, they have since made a point on 2 occasions of being together as a loving family and both times, yes, he brought them out. Those old faithfuls. The white high heel wedges. Our favourite.

Here they are at a park in Australia, with Little Sci, enjoying a little “private” moment. Tom loves his wedgies so much he even kicked them in the air. Close up it’s obvious…

Those are indeed impressively elevated.

As for why Katie looks so forlorn – well she always looks forlorn. 

The horn, the horn, sounds so forlorn…

I used to play the French horn. 

Tangent. Sorry.

About Katie’s sadness – their excuse is that he left the next day, back to America and his top secret shenanigans.

Our explanation, naturally, isn’t quite so innocent. 

The lady business should never be ignored.

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