Tom Cruise was at the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere last night. He did not walk the carpet but showed up for the after-party. As you know, it’s not his style to attend the opening of just anything. The official reason is that he was there to support his friends. But this was a strategic move too. For JJ Abrams. Abrams directed Cruise in Mission: Impossible 3. And was a producer on Ghost Protocol. And is supposed to be a producer on M:I5. Abrams is a big deal in Hollywood, especially now with Star Wars on top of Star Trek . He was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart a few days ago. Is it me, or is he also picking up some of Spielberg’s mannerisms?

After 4 weeks in theatres, Oblivion is still well off the $100 million domestic mark at just over $82 million. It made most of its money overseas and they didn’t lose any on it but he could probably use a little of Abrams’s magic.

By the way, Gerard Butler’s Olympus Has Fallen has earned less overall than Oblivion but more domestically at $96 million. If I were Tom Cruise, I’d be concerned about this.