You know the Asians. They love them some America star! Soopah stah! 

And so Tom Cruise arrived in South Korea today, still promoting Valkyrie, almost a modest success in the US, now he’s hoping Hello Kitty will put his film over the top, boost the international numbers. And they went batsh-t for him at the airport. As you can see, he loved every minute, mostly because he’s finally the taller among the men, and also because there’s nothing in the world like the ego-stroking you can find in Asia. 

Remember when I wrote about all my cynical colleagues totally charmed by his big teeth and bright eyes in Toronto? Click here for a refresher. And those are bitches who work in entertainment, who will cut you if you get in their shot. 

So imagine, so imagine then the result when Tom Cruise unleashes his magic on the Asian mass? Bereft already of the power to think individually, the unconditional adulation becomes all consuming. And when poured into a crowd of equally feverish fans, it’s enough to power a nuclear reactor.

Word is he’ll spend a few days in Asia and then Jonathan Ross in London next week. 

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