The GMD celebrated his son’s birthday last night by taking him to The Cut, where real men eat steak. As you can see, both Tom and Connor dressed for the occasion and appeared to be alone (no other photos as of press time) – the first sighting of Connor in ages.

You’ll recall, just over a year ago, we were treated to regular weekly sightings of Connor and Isabella at Saturday soccer during Katie’s pregnancy and shortly thereafter. Then the sightings stopped, probably because other parents did not appreciate the constant paparazzi presence. Some have also smuttily suggested that Isabella and Connor have reached the age where their Sci training becomes intensified, requiring that they be sent away for Xenu education.

Needless to say, we’ll never really know. More interesting, to me at least, is why they’re never with their mother Nicole Kidman. She says it’s because they’re teenagers who prefer to stay in Los Angeles. Others say she was cut out of their lives after getting blocked by Xenu...very possible indeed.

But if that’s really the case, then doesn’t the Britney rule apply? If Britney should fight like hell, no matter what, and do what it takes to get her booboos back, shouldn’t Granny Freeze do the same, Church or no Church? And if she hasn’t fought like hell, done what it takes, to get her booboos back…does that automatically mean she’s crazy like Britney? Or is she, as I’ve suggested about Britney, just plain selfish?

Sigh. It’s a deliciously perplexing mystery, non?

We could to devote a day at a Smut Convention just to ponder this issue alone.

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