The GMD loves fast cars

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 16, 2009 08:05:01 February 16, 2009 08:05:01

As reported last week, the GMD drove the pace car at the start of the Daytona 500 yesterday and Keith Urban performed during the pre-race festivities. Both wives however were missing. Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman did not appear to be in attendance and Katie Holmes spent the day at Disneyworld with Little Sci instead. So the men were all civil with each other, shaking hands and acting like grownups. Boo.

Of note – when Victoria Beckham goes to Disneyland with her boys, she still wears stilettos. KatE however had to rough it in flats. Weak!

So while the girls enjoyed Mickey Mouse, Tom spent his boys’ day with son Connor, big grins all around. But he does look slim and trim and really great in that grey leather jacket, non?

Seriously Midgey, what is your secret?

This should be his new Church recruitment strategy. A diet and beauty book with a mystery Xenu weight loss potion – instant membership in the millions. Guaranteed.

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