The Daytona 500 is happening this weekend and the GMD has been invited to drive the pace car to kick things off…

Days of Thunder of course was filmed at Dayton back when both he and Nicole Kidman were still rocking their own natural born faces. Remember how hot they were together? Remember when saying that didn’t sound so weird? Look at how young they were!

So you know who’s performing at the pre-race show?

Yeah. Keith Urban. Which means, obviously, Granny Freeze will be attached to him. Seems unlikely that the GMD would face this showdown without a little Robo action so it’s very possible Katie Holmes will be dragged along too.

Awkward? Please Xenu, yes, please awkward!

Or will all four of them disappoint us and act all gracious and classy?

Hate gracious and classy.

And bet your Botox the GMD will find a way to be a hero that day, messing around in the pits in his high heel sneaker wedges, changing tires and high fiving – wooh! – all the manly men around him.

Tom Cruise is such a dude.


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