Thanks to Larry B for the tip…

New issue of Entertainment Weekly, Page 19:

“EW has learned that the manuscript of Andrew Morton"s upcoming unauthorized Tom Cruise biography just landed in the New York City offices of its publisher, St. Martin's. The book - due Jan. 15, according to an industry insider - is the dirt-digging latest from Morton, the 
best-selling author..." 

He did it!!!

Somehow Andrew Morton hid from Xenu and will, hopefully, rip the closet door off Tom Cruise’s fraud existence! LOVE ANDREW MORTON! 

As for just how scandalous the tome will really be – I reported two years ago that when he first started the project, St Martin’s went to great pains, VERY expensive pains, to secure unprecedented tight ass legal protection for themselves and for Morton. Needless to say – it wouldn’t be necessary unless the contents are explosive!

Wonder if Tom is losing his sh-t? It’s terrible timing. Lions for Lambs opens in a month – hailed as his big comeback, some even say he’s gunning for Oscar, this will undoubtedly damage those chances especially as the reported release date falls just one week before Oscar nominations are to be announced. 

How will he counteract the whispers and the sinister church revelations? Poor Katie and Little Sci are going to be busy.

Chills, chills, chills.

Praise Xenu, ah-Thetan.