Every day we see her heading to work, Robo puts on a scowl face.

But this morning...this morning the sun came out. This morning, the gay who made her life gripped her hand and walked her to work.

All is right with Katie’s world.

No wonder she’s smiling wide and clear! 

Check out Tom Cruise, now in NYC, chivalrously dropping off his RoboBride, walking her ten steps from the car to the door. 

All jokes aside, it’s actually a nice gesture. Especially for someone who’s used to the curbside drop off and the back of the hand. 

It’s like this:

My husband will give me a ride. He’ll never pull up, right up, to where I need to go. Instead, he’ll stop a block away because it’s more convenient for everyone else but me, even if there are five other cars stopped where I want to stop, still he doesn’t want to make the dude behind him change lanes. 

Instead, his wife gets to walk in the rain.

Not only that, before my feet hit the ground, he’s already accelerated through the next intersection, with his hand out the sun roof waving goodbye.

Point of the story: sometimes it’s not so bad, a gay midget dwarf walking you to the door. 

PS. All that working out is paying off. Tom is skinny again! Lean through the legs too which is why he’s actually wearing his pants... not badly. His makeup artist also did a great job today. I’m thinking it’s spray on foundation – much better for digital cameras. Maybe less smiling though, non? Noses get bigger with age. And teeth too? 

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com