How much do you love it that he busted them out in New York City? Check it out – Tom Cruise out and about in his signature white wedges borrowed from Victoria Beckham, in pristine condition, getting a little lift, an extra inch or two to pad his diminutive 5 ft 6… on a good day. But f&ck they look ridiculous. Like the size of his head. 

Are man wedges suddenly all the rage? 

Totally forgot to mention…when I was standing next to Brad Pitt in Toronto at the Hyatt during TIFF a couple of weeks ago, it was like – how come you seem taller? Having seen him on several occasions prior, Brad was never wee but he also wasn’t what you’d call a super tall man. I’d say a shade over 5 ft 10. 

But that day, that day his height was remarkable. So I had to look down. And there it was: a beautiful pair of leather dress shoes with an inch and a half heel. Obviously not as obnoxiously lame as Tom Cruise, but heels nonetheless. 

Still…Brad’s style is impeccable. 

Tom’s… not so much. Although you can’t fault him for trying. 

The black shirt and jeans combination worked much better the next day, shopping with Little Sci at the Build a Bear Workshop. As you can see, Little Sci had her run of the place, happily pushing her new friends around in a stroller, milking daddy for several new toys. 

Daddy’s security meanwhile didn’t seem too upset by the presence of photographers in the store keeping a respectful distance. And he was all smiles while exiting too knowing that these images will sell the world over. 

Better that, I suppose, than a Kanye-styles assault. 

On the gossip front? A very interesting tip… 

My sources say that while Katie and the baby are keeping a luxurious penthouse in NYC during her Broadway run, Tom was apparently seen at least twice last week at the Carlyle late at night last week and supposedly even has a suite there…

Why would he need one? 

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