Well...he’s not Jakey. It’s because he’s too earnest about it. And then when he fronts like it’s all loose and fun and easy, it’s hard to believe he’s unclenched. Is he ever unclenched?

This is Tom Cruise with will.i.am doing interviews yesterday, several of them, to begin promotion for Knight & Day. Apparently the GMD asked the Black Eyed Peas to contribute a song to the soundtrack. So now they’re best friends. Which is why he joined them onstage for their show at the 02 in London last night and...


He told Entertainment Tonight that he felt compelled to drop a few lines.

Now go to 3:30 and watch for a couple of minutes.

Like Oh My God.

What’s better? The GMD singing or the GMD dancing?

You need a reminder of the dancing? I never tire of this video.

Am attaching 2 photos of the GMD from the National Movie Awards the other night posing with fans. I don’t understand about the foot lift happening here.

Photos from Wenn.com