You know how that meadow is a big f-cking deal to Twi-Hards?

Well f-ck off Twi-Hards, because Tom Cruise meadowed first!

So you’ve heard about Going Clear? The new HBO Scientology documentary that premiered at Sundance? Word is HBO assembled a team of 160 lawyers to cover their asses so that they could go ahead and make this movie. That’s a serious portion of the film’s budget just to cover legal fees. Because, well, the allegations are explosive. Not anything that should surprise you at this point, if you live on the internet and have followed the crazy of the Xenu faithful. But still, putting “HBO” beside these stories is taking the situation to a new level.

Most of what’s making headlines is how the Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman marriage unravelled. Basically, while Tom and Nicole were shooting Eyes Wide Shut, David Miscavige, head of the Sci, felt like Tom was ignoring him. He blamed it on Nicole, the “PTS” (Potential Trouble Source) because her dad was a psychologist. So David ordered his people, allegedly, to put her under surveillance. Eventually, as we know, the Church was able to dissolve the relationship and supposedly turn the kids against Nicole and you either are aware of or have assumed the rest.

Needless to say, Team Xenu is pissed. They’ve started their own Twitter account to attack the film and they’re buying ad space to discredit the accuracy of HBO’s project, comparing it to the Rolling Stone-University of Virginia situation.

Click here to read more about the documentary but not until we go back to The Meadow. Why isn’t anyone paying attention to The Meadow?

They’re so focused on the Cruise-Kidman breakup details, they’re missing this SPECTACULAR piece of information:

Going Clear also claims that the Church of Scientology takes great pains to accommodate Cruise, including installing all the audiovisual equipment in his home, purchasing him limousines and airplanes, and once even having its members design a meadow for Cruise and Kidman to run through—an alleged fantasy of Cruise’s.”


Is this being re-enacted in the film???


Here’s Tom in London the other day continuing to work on Mission: Impossible 5 with Simon Pegg. Yesterday it was announced that M:I5 will be moved up 5 months to a July 31 release instead of during the holiday 2015 season, likely to get the f-ck out of the way of Star Wars.

But… does that change once Going Clear starts airing on HBO?