Probably just a friend, especially since she doesn't fit the profile (young, brunette) of the past candidates he's auditioned. Here's Tom Cruise in London last night after dinner with Ridley Scott (not pictured) and some friends. Scott's brother Tony died recently. Tony of course directed Tom in Top Gun.

According to the Daily Mail, Tom wanted to party after leaving the restaurant at 2:30am but everything was closing, which may be a good thing since, as we've seen from the Lindsay Lohan incident, and as Jim Rome likes to say, nothing good happens at 2:30am. But what would nothing good at 2:30am look like for Tom Cruise? Levitating on the dance floor? Speaking in tongues? If only TMZ could make that happen.

What's he been up to, Tom, with his appearance right now? The hair is working, all of it is working, getting ready perhaps for a new round of possible girlfriend-to-wife interviews.