Production is officially underway on Mission: Impossible 6 in Paris. Right now, the working title is “Gemini”. So… are we dealing with twins? Tom Cruise was photographed this weekend on set as they shot a car chase scene with him driving an old BMW.  I’m assuming he busted out Sean Harris in the straight jacket and now has to drive really fast to escape whoever it is that’s surely coming after him. This is the perfect opportunity for Tom to put on his famous Intense Face behind the wheel. These shots are pretty low quality but even still, you can see that grimace, you can see that jaw working, and the managed panic in his eyes. It’s the face we’ve watched for 30 years, the face that’s made over a billion dollars at the box office.

When he’s not making the face though, Tom’s as involved as he’s always been with the other details. He’s conferring with Christopher McQuarrie who also directed Tom in Rogue Nation and Jack Reacher and wrote Tom’s reboot of The Mummy and Edge Of Tomorrow. So there’s history here. It’s a proper partnership. And it worked very, very well on Rogue Nation. The way they’re hyping this movie, it’s going to be BIGGER and Tom will run FASTER and climb HIGHER. And JUMP… where? What else can he jump off of???

The Mummy opens on June 9th, a week after Wonder Woman. Every summer there’s one blockbuster that underperforms, one blockbuster that takes a sh-t at the box office. Is there an audience for Tom Cruise in The Mummy? And what will it mean three months later when his next film, American Made, is released on September 29th? American Made was directed by Doug Liman, another frequent Cruise collaborator. It was originally supposed to come out this past January. They pushed it back to late September which is an interesting time of year because it’s right after Venice, TIFF, and Telluride, when we start talking about award season films. If it’s gritty enough, it might draw comparisons to Sicario. Is Tom Cruise gritty enough for a Sicario-like movie?