I spoke to him at the Spirit Awards on Friday night. Of course I was secretly hoping for a rejection. Instead, he couldn’t have been lovelier. Like, really, really lovely. Very enthusiastic, great energy, gracious, and articulate. And the same affectation as Madonna. They are American. And they speak with this... accent. Like British but not really. And his excuse, if you can call it that, is that he’s “lived in Europe for so long” which is probably Madonna’s excuse, and it can be argued that it’s a valid one too, only we don’t let her get away with anything.

Consider it the other way around. Happens all the time. A British person moves to America, over time the British accent starts to fade. We never find anything wrong with that. Why is it so detestable the other way around?

As for Tom Ford at the Oscars, well, he was impeccable, naturally, and totally enamoured with SJP on the carpet. They passed the 2nd photo wall together and ended up chatting right in front of us for a while, leaving that wet blanket she married to linger behind them. Where he belongs.

Photos from Pascal Le Segretain/Jason Merritt/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Gettyimages.com