Once upon a time, it was Armani for men’s suits. These days… it’s all about Tom Ford. Just ask James Bond. Tom is Bond’s official tailor. And Daniel Craig is all over it: 

"It's really a crime - it makes me weep every time (I ruin a suit during filming). They are great suits."

Put it this way, my husband has style for ass. Like the worst…ever. EVER. And I hate children. But if he put on a Tom Ford and asked me to consider womb warming, I’d definitely be more receptive.

Anyway, Tom was asked not to long ago who else he’d like to dress. His answer: 

Hot Harry on a Horse! 

Of course!

Hot Harry would look the hottest in a Tom Ford!

Here’s Hot Harry at a memorial service today, seems to have lost some bloat. Perhaps Canada should take credit for that? Harry was training in Alberta recently with the army. Sadly, unlike his visit last year, he did not end up at a porny bar doing shooters from between a pair of fake tits at Cowboys. 

Hot Harry and Chelsy are going strong. 

PS. You know what would be the ultimate challenge to Tom Ford’s design genius? Creating a suit that would look good even on Tom Cruise. Then again, would Tom Ford ever want Tom Cruise wearing his garments? 

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com